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Meet Tim.

When Tim and Jason met, Tim had been 100% dependent on subsidies and programs, and rightfully so. He has quite the story.

Yet, since coming on to Father & Sons, Tim has a new lease on opportunity and his own, independent level of sustainability. As of 2019, Tim is 0% dependent on systemic intervention and 100% self-sustaining. Why?

In his own words:

November 23, 2018

Employee of Father & Sons, Timothy Skyrie

Father & Sons is an excellent candidate for an investment of your time, money, and business. Jason is an extremely dedicated man, balancing his family, personal, and work life while always making sure everybody is feeling supported. Jason vouched for me and believed in me when I desperately needed someone to. He rescued me from a very hostile work environment and ensured that I have an honest way to make my living, while feeling a part of something bigger. He has bent over backwards training me, putting me through school, apprenticeship, and money management courses while also teaching me himself in class and practical applications.

As long as I have worked for Father & Sons, they have had 2 main objectives: keep customers happy and supported and provide a professional service while maintaining a “Mom and Pop shop” feeling. There is dedication and determination to help at-risk youth and provide kids and youth like me have the tools to build themselves a future. Never have I had more support and opportunities to do well for myself and build my life into something to be proud of, then now.

Since meeting Jason I have:

  1. Moved into my own apartment
  2. Become less dependent on the system
  3. Completed money management program through Momentum Youth Fair Gains program
  4. Provide for myself
  5. Have plan/date in order to be 100% self-sufficient in 2019
  6. Obtained full time hours
  7. Obtained spots for accreditation in ECHO Power Equipment training, Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician Accreditation, and enrolling in a fully accredited diploma as an Outdoor Power Technician through International Career School of Canada.

This has helped me in more ways than I can count, and every opportunity they have they continue to invest and the difference in my quality of life has been night and day. I have never had anybody believe success like Jason and I will never forget his kindness.

I am Jason’s first hire of at-risk youth, currently the only hire. I work hard for Father & Sons’ success and will continue to do so, as I know Jason will continue to work to see me succeed. I don’t know how much a character reference is worth from one of his employees, but I wanted to write this anyway.

Timothy Skyrie
Thank you for taking the time to read this.