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Costs for Services


Businesses equipment will be serviced at preferred rates and with extreme efficiency. We know that being down one machine can cost you a day (or more) off your bottom line. We want to get you back doing what you love, because we love what we are doing (and that means keeping you happy, get it?)

We are business owners, too. We get it.

While we do have “packaged rates” we want to ensure you are supported for the work performed and not gouged by hidden fees (which are usually the case due to insufficient knowledge or poor repairs from the other guys). Hourly rates are $100 for non-running, residential and business equipment such as pressure washers, lawn mowers, trimmers, generators, tractors, and any other small engine application.

All equipment is subject to an initial $40 inspection. Should you decide you want to fix your equipment this inspection charges are waived and you only pay for the cost of the service rendered. Should your items not be repairable, we will tell you before repairing them (not give you a surprise bill at the end).

We have inventory for replacement machines and can offer some percentage towards the purchase of new/used inventory.

Due to the nature of our business please call us for a direct quote for the problem you are having and we will do our best to give you an ACCURATE estimate!